L’Earth Vietnam Co, Ltd was incorporated on 2016 and was started with the purpose of providing heathly and trendy drinks, environmentally friendly packaging and products, packaging innovation and packaging design for consumers and industry.

It began as an initiative by its founder Lily Toh and partner’s company, LÉarth (S) Pte Ltd and PS Food & Beverage (S) Pte Ltd  in Singapore on  a strategic move to ride on the wave of E-commerce, eco-manufacturing,  and use of environmentally-friendly inputs in both the local and regional market.

L’Earth works closely with PS Group of factory in Malaysia to obtain eco-packaging for the manufacturing of its own brand of healthily and trendy drinks and  eco-plastic packaging for the sale in Vietnam domestics market. We had exclusively right for the marketing of “Origina Fruit Juice and Tea, Origina Dairy and Protein Beverage” drinks in Vietnam market.

We will be launching own brand “VietJoy” drinks which is made from raw material in Vietnam.

With L’Earth  green technology and food technology particularly in its award-winning work in World Star Packaging Awards 2015, Asia Star Awards 2014 and Singapore Star 2015 will help to bolster the L’Earth brand and our drinks brand  while it gains exposure with consumers.

 Besides employing advanced and award-winning green technology and food technology, L’Earth aims to achieve its purpose via synergistic collaborations, and a consumer-focused strategy. Innovation in food and drinks, packaging and product design, and marketing will be at the core of the business.